Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sand Bags for Flood Prevention

We just survived Hurricane Sandy, followed a week later by a November Nor'easter storm that dropped 8 inches of snow.  Our property is adjacent to the Housatonic River, but we are well elevated and was not impacted.  No wind damage occurred to our building either.  Unfortunately, many of our employees suffered damage to homes and property.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones during this trying time.

In an effort to help with civil preparedness, we offered numerous sandbags that we had on out property from a past construction project.  The Connecticut DOT had an emergency project to repair a drainage pipe that traveled underneath a canal that is also adjacent to our property.  This required construction of a coffer dam (temporary dam while work takes place).  When the project was completed and bags removed from the canal, we were asked if we wanted them - and we said yes.

These are the sandbags that we offered to the electric utility and the office of emergency management and local fire departments.  They are not offered to the general public, as they are filled with apx. 2,000 lbs of material each.

If interested, contact me via email:  203-736-9249