Thursday, December 29, 2011

Electric Vehicle Test

We have posted in the past about the possible future of electric propulsion for delivery vehicles.  (see this entry from 2010Oct) Our typical delivery is a 150mile round-trip, many times with a substantial cargo weight.

Now it seems that FedEx is trying out cargo vans based on Nissan Leaf, and so is the Japan Post. (article link)

Mitsubishi is preparing a light-duty electric truck for farmers and contractors with forecast of 1/2 it's sales to be electric by 2020 (article link).  The former President of GM has joined a conversion company that makes hybrid pickups from existing lines (article link).

Big corporate names such as Coca Cola are looking to the future with EV delivery trucks (article link), specifically the Newton by Smith Electric Vehicles.  They have a range of up to 150 miles, and speed of 50mph, all while hauling up to 16,000lbs of cargo.  They are a target market with 176 purchased by Frito-Lay, 41 purchased by Staples, and plans by AT&T to purchase more, and the U.S. Marines testing a pair of military spec versions.

What does this mean for our company?  The range and cargo capacity of all-electric vehicles is approaching the standards needed for our operations.  We have been documenting capability of an electric passenger vehicle as preparation for a cargo capable vehicle.  As of 2011Dec31, our IDA electric car has nearly 13,000 miles that have been entirely powered with electricity that was generated by our on-site solar array.

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